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         Cover design by Gabe Gandzjuk.

Passing Through
by David Gitin

Linehan Press
Monterey, California
February 2005
ISBN 0-9764928-3-0
50 pages

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 About [Top]

Linehan Press is pleased to announce the publication of Passing Through by acclaimed poet David Gitin. This book, a collection spanning thirty years, is Gitin's eighth book of poetry. Passing Through is Gitin's first book in sixteen years, representing his largest collection since 1979. It includes six poems never published in book form in addition to revisions of earlier work.

David Gitin, born in Buffalo, NY, was influenced by the work and friendship of Allen Ginsberg, Charles Olson, and Robert Creeley before moving to San Francisco in the mid-60s where he co-founded Poets Theater, edited Bricoleur, produced radio programs for KPFA in Berkeley, and associated with many of the Beat poets and legendary musicians of the time.

Then in 1974, after living in the rural town of Cotati, California, and Madison, Wisconsin, he settled in Monterey, California, to teach Creative Writing at Monterey Peninsula College. He also worked as a jazz disc jockey at KAZU for nineteen years and often performs his poetry in collaboration with musicians.

Among his hundreds of publications, Gitin's work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Poetry Nippon. His work can currently be seen in The Anthology of Monterey Bay Poets 2004, The Cafι Review, Voleur de Feu, Big Bridge, and others.

Refer to the 2003 Monterey County Weekly article "The Beat Goes On" for more background on David Gitin.

       Photo by Dan Linehan.

 Reviews [Top]

Comments on Passing Through:

"The poems in Passing Through are charming, pliant, palpable."
-- Anne Waldman

"Exactly. That’s a word that comes to mind a lot as I read & reread these poems. Gitin’s poetry occupies a territory that suggests his interest in any number of Objectivists & New Americans . . . poets for whom the precision of perception seems very often the point of pleasure in it all." [more]
-- Ron Silliman

"I was pulled in and read through it. The experience was delightful. Every phrase is compelling."
-- Lyn Hejinian

"The lyrical and minimalist poems of Passing Through are fearless. Their precision and economy, the oddly solid core of meaning that he wraps in a handful of words, is a testament to his courage in a world of compulsion and excess." [more]
-- Ryan Masters

"I enjoy reading these poems over and over. They are what poetry should be about, a kind of finesse that is all too rare."
-- Kit Robinson

Comments on previous work:

"Gitin is a master of subtle rhythms that ear and eye blend on the field of the senses."
-- Michael McClure

"A lot of commonsense appreciation of 'minute particulars,' maybe the clearest sort of writing anyone can do."
-- Allen Ginsberg

"David Gitin's an old-time serious poet, with a happily light touch. Dance to the music!"
-- Robert Creeley

"The work is beautiful."
-- John Cage

"These carefully selected perceptions in airy, delicate balance, unburdened by over-explication or description, leave the imagination free to fill them in. Mr. Gitin understands what is poetically worth observing . . . the minimum for giving one a lift . . . and what would be too much."
-- Carl Rakosi

". . . assembled 'against the wall' [the poems] spell out, and frequently with brilliant precision, 'what has happened.' "
-- George Oppen

"He focuses on detail and precise motion of moments . . . He looks beyond what is at hand, either within his own sensibility or reflected in time. Gitin is an original."
-- American Library Association

"Gitin is a master of plugging us into how objects actually relate, on both the micro-scales and the larger integrities that make up 'the world.' "
-- Small Press Review

"Spare, lyric, and haunting -- these poems offer the starkest of silhouettes, the obscurest of shadows. Gitin is not interested in spelling it out. Pay attention, he seems to be saying, listen carefully: much is revealed, in little."
-- Bookpaper

"Gitin manipulates, with sure precision, that careful crafted tongue which bites deep into the cortex."
-- Global Tapestry Journal

 Poems [Top]

          THE DOOR

    the door

         slopes of light

            your body

              a delay

                in glass


in the company

         all night

               of a horsefly

 Events [Top]

• 8/11/10 (Wed) 7 PM -- Reading from his new manuscript of selected poems, 1962-2010, at the Maine Grind, 192 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine.
• 3/10/09 (Tue) -- Reading with Stephen Kessler at East Village in Monterey for National Writers Union.
• 10/27/07 (Sat) 7 PM -- Reading with Frank Parker for POG Poetry and Artist Group, (Stone Avenue Gallery, 2007 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, AZ). Admission $5, students $3.
• 5/5/07 (Sat) 7:35 PM -- Reading at the release party of Ping•Pong at the Henry Miller Library, Highway 1, Big Sur.
• 3/3/07 (Sat) 7 PM -- Reading at Diva Dulce (Heritage Harbor Plaza, 99 Pacific St., Suite 255C, Monterey, California)
• 1/12/07 (Fri) 7 PM -- Reading for National Writers Union at The Works (Pacific Grove, California)
• 8/3/06 (Thr) 7 PM -- Reading with Lawson Inada at the Hartnell College Planetarium for "Poetry Under The Stars" as part of the 10,000 Poems Project (Salinas, California)
• 7/29/06 (Sat) 1 PM -- Reading for the Monterey Poetry Review at the Santa Cruz Public Library (Santa Cruz, California)
• 4/30/06 (Sun) 7:30 PM -- Reading with Luis Garcia and Belle Randall at Cody's Books (Berkeley, California)
• 1/24/06 (Tue) -- Reading at Bay Books (Monterey, CA)
• 10/8/05 (Sat) 1 PM -- Reading with George Mattingly at the Seaside Library (550 Harcourt Ave., Seaside, CA)
• 10/2/05 (Sun) 1 PM -- Reading at the 50th Anniversary of the Six Gallery Reading (Ginsberg read "Howl" for first time, joined by McClure, Snyder, Whalen, and Lamantia, with Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, et al. in the audience, and Rexroth as MC) at the San Francisco Public Library [more info]
• 10/1/05 (Sat) -- Reading for Monterey Poetry Review at the Monterey Public Library (Monterey, CA)
• 9/24/05 (Sat) 7:30 PM -- Reading at Point Reyes Books (11315 Highway 1, Point Reyes Station, CA)
• 7/18/05 (Mon) 7:30 PM -- Reading at Bird & Beckett (2788 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA)
• 6/30/05 (Thr) -- Reading for the Wilcox Poetry Series (Albany, New York)
• 6/27/05 (Mon) -- Reading at the Center for Cultural Exchange (1 Longfellow Square, Portland, Maine)
• 6/26/05 (Sun) 3 PM -- Reading for The College Club of Boston (44 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.)
• 6/21/05 (Tue) 6 PM -- Reading for The Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery, New York City)
• 6/11/05 (Sat) 12 Noon -- Presenting with Maria Tabor at the Summer Poetry Workshop for Central Coast Writers at the Sunset Center
(San Carlos Ave. between 8th St. and 10th St., Carmel, CA)
• 5/13/05 (Fri) 7 PM -- Reading with Dan Linehan for National Writers Union at the Sunset Center (San Carlos Ave. between 8th St. and 10th St., Carmel, CA)
• 3/21/05 (Mon) 7:30 PM -- Reading with Jack Marshall at Moe's Books (2476 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA)
• 2/26/05 (Sat) 7 PM -- Book release reading at Morgan's Coffee & Tea (498 Washington St., Monterey, CA)

  Artwork by Gabe Gandzjuk.

  George Mattingly and David Gitin
at reading in Seaside Library.

Book release at Morgan's. Photos by Dan Linehan.

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Dan Linehan, Publisher
Linehan Press

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