Episode 2: Historical Video Clips

Beagle Channel to Ushuaia, Argentina (2007) — This is only a drill! Moving calmly and orderly to an all-weather, fully enclosed, and motorized lifeboat hanging outside my cabin’s porthole.

Steeple Jason, Falklands (2007) — Known to have life spans several decades long, albatrosses often mate for life. The billing and preening displayed by this pair of black-browed albatrosses are common forms of amorous behaviors.

Steeple Jason, Falklands (2007) — Hundreds of thousands of dazzling black-browed albatrosses nest at this island in a colony that stretches up and down the coast. Out of colonies for all albatross species, it is the second largest in the world. Though these numbers seem vast, black-browed albatrosses were considered endangered during the years surrounding the time this video was taken. So many of them were here.

Steeple Jason, Falklands (2007) — On a small peak between the two pinnacles that dominate the landscape of Steeple Jason, the locations on the island where the animals form their colonies can better be observed.

Steeple Jason, Falklands (2007) — A gang of striated caracaras gather on the hillside above the albatross and penguin colonies. Something new, and perhaps more interesting than a sure meal, seems to have caught the attention of these hawkish birds.

Steeple Jason, Falklands (2007) — In an exposed gentoo penguin colony, parents nest on small rocks and chicks chase each other around. Skuas and dolphin gulls search for opportunities, patrolling the colony’s perimeter and swooping down from the sky.

Disclaimer: The footage used for these historical video clips was shot many years ago for reference purposes related to writing. The compact digital camera used was an early adopter of video. Back then compact digital cameras were very limited in quality and capability compared to where they stand now. So, the footage obviously does not meet today's standards.