How This Companion Works

The video clip above shows how the Multimedia Traveling Companion connects to the multimedia serial novel The Princess of the Bottom of the World.

The fascinating sights and sounds within the pages of the multimedia serial novel The Princess of the Bottom of the World are brought to life—here—by the Multimedia Traveling Companion.

Penguin and albatross colonies seem to stretch from horizon to horizon. Two-lane penguin highways provide routes from mountainsides to shores. Painted birds dance through ice calving from glaciers. Rock thieves constantly strengthen and weaken nests. Battles for food and life rage non-stop. And electric blue icebergs are just the tip.

With hundreds of high-quality photos, historical video clips, science-based captions, songs, maps, and more—divided up by episode—the Multimedia Traveling Companion opens an in-depth and expansive view of Antarctica, Argentina, and other surrounding regions.

But even amidst all the spellbinding beauty and often harsh reality in these places—some of the most remote on Earth—the perilous impacts of climate change and other wildlife and environmental challenges are never too far away.

Using a technique also applied to Dan Linehan's SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History (with foreword by sci-fi legend Sir Arthur C. Clarke and cover blurb by Cosmos host Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson), he has photos and their captions tell a visual nonfiction story that runs parallel to the narrative in the episodes of The Princess of the Bottom of the World. The other features add to the exploration of this grand adventure.

The Multimedia Traveling Companion wins three Communicator Awards from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts—for Environmental Awareness Website, Science Website, and Travel/Tourism Website.

Special thanks for your wonderful help:

Zaheer Kasad - photos
James Linehan - graphics
Jake Long - videos
Amy Simpson - website
Deborah Steinberg - editing